Unlock Their Infinite Potential.

Research-based insights to help your student-athletes
break through their mental barriers.


Mental barriers are preventing your
student-athlete from being a top performer.

Many student-athletes struggle to consistently play as top performers. Correct My Play resources parents, coaches, and trainers
to identify the mental barriers that keep student-athletes from reaching their full potential and puts them on a path to remove them.


Mental Barrier Guides


Confidence is a funny thing: it’s purely mental, all in our heads, but whether we feel it or not seems outside our control.


Emotional intelligence (EI) is key to successful athletes. With strong EI, athletes can control their emotions, resulting in increased performance.


Mental toughness is essential to an athlete’s ability to compete at their best. Athletes who can maintain their focus and stay motivated during intense physical activity are more successful.

Athletic Identity

Understanding the connection between a student’s athletic identity and sports performance is fundamental to their success.



Motivation is the source of hard work and the force that keeps athletes focused and engaged, giving them the emotional strength to recover from failures and learn from their mistakes.


Learning to master nerves is part of every athlete’s journey. Gaining physical & mental techniques to keep your cool under pressure will keep you in the game when others quit.



Some people call it flow or focus; we call it The Zone. The Zone is easy to experience but hard to understand rationally. When it happens, we’re fully present, using every ounce of our skill to compete at our best.

Access Their Potential

You’ve watched their games, trained them, coached them, and supported them, often from day one. The problem is you’re in new territory with a student-athlete that is still maturing mentally and physically. Their inconsistent playing performance often leaves them sidelined under misaligned expectations from coaches.

This can leave you feeling frustrated by how boxed-in your student-athlete is getting from their current level of play when you know they have so much more potential inside.

Guide them past their barriers.

We believe every student athlete deserves a clear path to achieving results they never thought possible. You shouldn’t have to scour the internet or rely on expensive training looking for the right answers to help your student-athlete.

Simple Barriers. Researched-Backed Insight.

We understand how important it is that you’ve equipped yourself with the tools you need to help your student-athlete play the best they can. We believe that it’s not a physical barrier that needed more technical training but a mental barrier you could help them overcome, together.

At CMP we’ve identified the 7 most common mental barriers and distilled all the research down into 7 guides you can use to inform and equip your parenting, coaching, and training. It all starts by choosing your guide.

"In order to have what you really want, you must first be who you really are."

- Tim Grover, Legendary NBA Trainer

See a lasting, visible change
in your student-athlete.

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to capably train, coach, or parent your student athlete to peak performance.

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Introducing: Confidence Playbook

For Parents & Coaches Seeking to Cultivate Unshakable Confidence in their Student-Athletes.